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Herring under a fur coat roll

Ingredients 4 g of gelatin 4 medium sized beet 4 carrots 2-3 small potatoes 2 boiled eggs 1 small onion 250g salted herring fillets 100 g of mayonnaise 1 tsp lemon juice salt ground black pepper vegetable oil

Chicken, peas & cucumber salad.

Ingredients chicken (fillet) — 250g green peas — 40 g salt — to taste medium potatoes — 1 large potato (80 g) pickled cucumbers — 40 g Mayonnaise — 80 g parsley (green) — twig boiled egg — 1 pc. crab meat — 30 grams

Salad for boyfriend

I want to share a recipe originally issued (the heart of the Rose), a salad! Salad is very simple to prepare, it is preparing the most affordable products, and get a very tasty and with dignity, grace any holiday table!


Ingredients: — 1/2 white cabbage — 1 large carrot — 2 green onions pen — 1 small red onion

Salad with celery, chicken, nuts and grapes.

INGREDIENTS 500 g of red seedless grapes 200-250 g of boiled or roast chicken without skin 2-3 celery stalks 50 g walnut kernels 2 small bunch of tarragon 1 orange 5st.l. olive oil 2 tablespoons rice vinegar ½ tsp salt ground black pepper to taste