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Eggplant baked with cheese and tomato

Eggplant baked with cheese and tomato to pick up the most delicious recipes with seasonal vegetables for you. For the eggplant now is the time, therefore we offer you to eggplant baked cheese tomato them in the oven – simple, fast and delicious. Try it!

Zhardiner. What?

Zhardiner. What? Russian cuisine but in the French manner – so you can call it original and very simple dish that had once been very popular in Russia. Only just something appears vegetables in the garden, so you immediately and zhardiner, cold or warm with original sauce. To find it today can not in every […]

Stuffed in German

Stuffed in German

Squid with vegetables and mushrooms

Squid with vegetables and mushrooms Squid – one of the most affordable and delicious seafood species. It’s simple, easy and tasty dish is a perfect lunch or dinner. Try it!

Prepare sandwiches Zucchini

Prepare sandwiches Zucchini Who said sandwiches have to be with the bread? Try to replace the usual bun slices of zucchini or eggplant, and get a completely unexpected and fresh version of the familiar dishes.