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Farfalle with chicken and honey

Ingredients: Pasta Farfalle 500g; Chicken drumstick 700 grams; Butter 30 g; Soy sauce 3 tbsp .; Honey 4 tbsp .; Salt to taste; Preparation: 1.Vremya preparation — 30 minutes 2.Varite farfalle 15 minutes (or as directed on the package) in plenty of salted water. Cut the meat into small pieces. 3.Rastopite butter in olive. 4.Obzharte […]

Soft polenta with mushrooms

Soft polenta with mushrooms.

Pasta alla Kitarra (Pasta alla chitarra)

Pasta alla Kitarra (Pasta alla chitarra). «Chitarra» — it is a device, which is used in the Abruzzo region for the production of fresh pasta. In each house is required to have. Pasta alla kitarra — is one of the most rasproostranennyh dishes from the Abruzzo region.

Cannelloni stuffed with meat

Cannelloni stuffed with meat. Cannelloni stuffed with meat — a dish known and valued by gourmets around the world. This dish is typical of the region of Tuscany, Umbria and Emilia Romagna. There are several options for filling — minced meat, Rikota spinach. Offers classic stuffing recipe meat. This recipe has a rich taste, as […]

Manikotti Pasta with meat and three cheeses

Cheese and meat — the best filling for pasta, which is baked in tomato sauce. Ingredients: Manikotti pasta (pasta in the form of tubes wide) — 450 g Olive oil first cold pressed — 1 tbsp. l. Italian sausages or kupaty — 320 g Ricotta Cheese — 2 cups — 350 g Provolone cheese (cut […]