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Pancake cake

Ingredients: Pancakes — 10-12 pcs. Chicken breast (boiled) 1 unit. Mushrooms — 500 g hard cheese — 400 g Salt — to taste Vegetable oil

pancake snail

Bake pancakes. As they cool, making cottage cheese. Curd rub the sugar, vanilla, raisins can be added.

Pancake dessert with banana and chocolate.

Ingredients: 150 grams of wheat flour 200 grams of milk egg 1 piece 30 grams sugar 20 grams of vegetable oil 3 grams of salt bananas 3 pieces Dark chocolate 100g We make thin pancakes on a very simple recipe. Mix flour, milk, eggs (if eggs are small, the 2 pieces), sugar, salt and vegetable […]

Pancakes «Fishnet»

Pancakes «Fishnet» Ingredients: Cow milk — 400 ml Egg — 2 pcs. Vegetable oil — 2 tbsp. l. Sugar — 2 tbsp. l. Salt — a pinch Flour — 150 g Preparation:

Delicate pancakes with salad

Ingredients: 200 ml. milk 2 eggs salt to taste sugar to taste flour, two tablespoons of vegetable oil. Beat all products with a mixer and pour into a plastic bottle, screw the special stopper with a hole. If a plug is not possible to make a small hole ordinary. On a hot pan, pour the dough […]