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Potato pancakes with meat.

Potato pancakes with meat.

Potato pancakes with bacon and egg.

Ingredients: -Potatoes 3 pcs. -Eggs 3 pcs. -Red onion 1 piece. -Flour 2 tbsp. l. -Bacon strips 2 pcs. -Vegetable oil for frying to taste -Thyme sprigs 2 pcs. -Salt to taste -Pepper to taste

Potato pancakes with sour cream, herbs and caviar.

Ingredients: -Potatoes 4-5 pcs. -Egg 1 pc. -sour cream to taste -herbs to taste -caviar to taste Preparation: Grate potatoes. salt, leave for 15 minutes. Then the excess fluid is drained, add the egg and mix. Spoon spread on a frying pan with oil and fry on both sides. Sour cream mix with chopped herbs […]

Roll pancakes stuffed with zucchini and cheese

Delicate roll that will surprise your guests with its originality. Easy to prepare. Ingredients:

Potato mini pancakes with young garlic and green onion

Ingredients: Potatoes — 750 g Green onions, chop — 2 tablespoons Young garlic (white and green parts), cut — 3 tablespoons Salt — ½ tsp Oil for frying 24 leaf parsley