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Mini pancakes with salmon and spicy cream sauce.

Ingredients: Flour, 160 gr. Baking powder 1 hour. L. Salt 1/4 hour. L. Chopped dill 1 tbsp. l. Cream cheese 50 gr. Softened butter 25 gr. Egg 1 pc. Milk 170 g. Salted or Smoked Salmon 250g. Fat sour cream (30%) 120 g. Ready horseradish 1 hour. L. Salt 1/4 hour. L.

Cinnamon Pancake

Cinnamon Pancake.

Pancakes stuffed with breaded

Pancakes stuffed with breaded.

German pancakes with fillings.

German pancakes with fillings. Ingredients: 1 cup milk Eggs 6 pcs. 1 cup flour Salt 1/2 hour. L. Vanilla 1 hour. L. Orange zest 1 ch. L. Melted butter 1/4 cup the filling of your choice (jam, jam, fruit …) to taste Preparation: Mix in blender all ingredients except the oil. Then add butter and […]

Pumpkin Pancake

Pumpkin Pancake. Ingredients: ● 200g pumpkin (puree) ● 2 pcs. chicken eggs ● 200 g flour ● 4 tbsp sugar ● 30-40 g butter ● 200 ml of cow’s milk ● 10 g baking powder ● pinch of salt ● honey to taste (for feeding)