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Geography dumplings

Geography dumplings Agree, sometimes entertaining to study the national cuisine — particularly when you realize that there are similar courses in different people. Here, for example, Swiss Rösti, Ukrainian potato pancakes, potato pancakes, Belarusian, Czech terunki and kokorki of Russian fairy tales — these are different variants of potato pancakes, though with their local cooking […]

Fasting dishes

Fasting dishes The holidays are over and it’s time to think about how to return to the form. So I bring recipes unloading dishes. First meal Soups themselves — a piece diet. And if you cook a soup of vegetables in its low caloric content can be no doubt.

Pita with Zaatar

Pita with Zaatar If Pete does not buy, then you need to cook the most. At home. What do I need? 0.5 kg of flour, yeast, salt and water (0.5 liters). Knead the dough (it should be flexible and tough and easy to keep up with the fingers). Give it to come in a warm […]

Men’s delight Salad

Men’s delight Salad I suggest you to salad recipe to men. From his experience of life, I came to the conclusion that all of my culinary delights and some do not stand with ordinary piece of grilled meat. Pass the Millennium, and the men, as before, just like meat. As I was not trying to […]

French cuisine: chicken in wine

French cuisine: chicken in wine In the second half of November is the French wine festival «The new Beaujolais». On this day, the French connoisseurs to taste the joy of a young wine. And, even though we are not French, nothing prevents us to arrange an evening of France in Russia. Prepare a dish of […]