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Cocktail Irish Pie

Cocktail Irish Pie It’s a great cocktail with a taste of the apple pie, and a slight aroma of soft Irish whiskey.

Muffin «ring with bow» on Purim

Muffin «ring with bow» on Purim

Traditional Jewish holiday cookies «Homentashen»

Traditional Jewish holiday cookies «Homentashen» Ingredients to the recipe: ◾4 cups flour ◾2 hours. L. baking powder ◾1 / 4 hours. L. coarse salt ◾2 / 3 cups vegetable oil ◾2 eggs categories with plus 1 egg yolk ◾1 cups sugar ◾zest 1 lemon ◾juice 1/2 lemon ◾juice 1/2 orange ◾tablespoon brandy ◾Malinovy or apricot jam […]

stuffed vegetables

stuffed vegetables Stuffing can be full (when a vegetable is not cut into pieces, and the whole is taken and is cleaned only its core) or partial (when the vegetable is cut or broken down into parts — such as cabbage leaves).

Biscuit with vanilla pudding

Biscuit with vanilla pudding There are many recipes for sponge cake on a boiling water or boiling milk. I offer to cook a dessert of chocolate biscuit on the boiling milk with vanilla pudding. very tasty, beautiful and unusual!