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The original cake without baking

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The original cake without baking Cakes and pastries – how much these sounds merged for the female heart, how much it imparts! No matter what diet we are not starved yourself, what restrictions are not set, no matter how I tried to persuade myself not to look at the delicious cakes and glances toward the […]

Honey rolls with cinnamon and dried fruits without flour and eggs

Dough: Almonds or pecans – 1 cup Flaxseed – ½ cup Honey – ¼ cup

Cream dessert with fruit (without baking)

Ingredients: – 6 pastry sticks Savoiardi – Any fruit, cut into wedges – 600ml whipping cream (33-35%) – 240 g Philadelphia cream cheese, mascarpone or any other – 1 tsp. Vanilla sugar – 20 g of gelatin – Syrup, beads for jewelry

Chocolate dessert with fruit (without baking).

Chocolate dessert with fruit (without baking) INGREDIENTS 50g butter 50g raisins 2 tbsp brandy 250 g of chocolate (can be black and half milk) 2 tbsp honey or syrup 175 g oat biscuits (can be replaced)

No-Bake Christmas Wreath Cookies.

No-Bake Christmas Wreath Cookies. Ingredients: 1/2 cup butter 1 package (10 oz) miniature marshmallows 20 drops green liquid food color 3/4 cup white vanilla baking chips 5 cups Whole Grain Total™ cereal 56 red cinnamon candies