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Meat pizza.

This pizza diet, of course, will not name, but what it vkusnyuschaya! She has a soft dough with the air crisp on the edges and flavorful meat filling. In size, it takes a pan, so if you have a large family, it will be just in time. And if not — invite your friends and […]

Potato terrine with bacon.

Ingredients: -large potatoes 7 pc. -Egg 1 pc. -sour cream 2 tbsp. l. -smoked bacon 200g. -100-120 g cheese. -1 small onion pieces. -salt to taste -High rectangular baking dish to taste Preparation: Clean the potatoes and boil it until soft. Season with salt to taste. I usually cook for 10 minutes after boiling. But […]

Pork in Chinese.

Pork in Chinese. Do not think that if a dish «pork in Chinese» is not a traditional and familiar to us, it means that it is complicated and difficult to cook. Quite the opposite and now you will see for yourself.

Delicious roast potatoes and meat

Delicious roast potatoes and meat. Ingredients:

Tyrol grestl.

Tyrol grestl Tyrol grestl peasant / rural / mountain cuisine — it’s certainly not for everybody. But I’m just one of those fans, so now tell you about a wonderful thing, which is prepared in Germany and Austria. As the name implies, this version is closer to what is prepared in Tyrol. By the way, […]