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Tartare meat with sauce béarnaise

Tartare meat with sauce béarnaise Easy tartare — deceptive, and it is better than any words prove recipes that taste of chopped meat to emphasize the special sauce. Today, we not only learn how to cook beef tartar, but also prepare him bearnaise sauce with a prescription Mario Carbone and Rich Torris.

8 original dishes based on beer

8 original dishes based on beer According to the classical rule, drink beer «in three sips»: the first half of the volume, then the second part of the drink, and then to the bottom. In practice, this beer etiquette, not all adhere to, and very often an open beer simply close the lid and then […]

Meat dishes Dutch cuisine.

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Meat dishes Dutch cuisine. Quick recipe for roast beef with crayfish and daikon.

Baked beef ribs with potato gratin

Cooking recipes: Baked beef ribs with potato gratin. In this recipe, the ribs can not be imagined in isolation from sweet-spicy sauce Pepper and baked potato gratins. Ingredients:

Meatballs Greek

Meatballs Greek. Meatballs eaten all over the world, but in Greece they are prepared with such loving care and aromatic sauce. Greece traditionally prepared meatballs of lamb, with the addition of a large number of spices and herbs.