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Goulash medzhimursky: recipe with mushrooms and different kinds of meat

Goulash medzhimursky: recipe with mushrooms and different kinds of meat Love to cook meat dishes? Do you want to try, how to prepare meat in Croatia? Then write down the recipe for goulash medzhimurskogo. Goulash — is a cross between a thick soup and beef stew, ie and the first and second in one dish. […]


figs One tribe is strongly starved, but it was especially bad for children, women and the elderly. They hardly getting any food. And one girl raised her hands to the sky and said: «The sun gave us the edible roots and the grandmother became ill and may die of hunger.» Her plea heard fairy figs […]

Geography dumplings

Geography dumplings Agree, sometimes entertaining to study the national cuisine — particularly when you realize that there are similar courses in different people. Here, for example, Swiss Rösti, Ukrainian potato pancakes, potato pancakes, Belarusian, Czech terunki and kokorki of Russian fairy tales — these are different variants of potato pancakes, though with their local cooking […]

Hunting food

Hunting food It just so happened that a man hunt for the mammoth, and cut up a woman on his burgers, soup sets, and so on. That is the most difficult: the pursuit of game, production thereof, the celebration of this event on the site, hunting stories and weekends in nature reserves strong half of […]

Belly Prescription Frank Falcinelli

Belly Prescription Frank Falcinelli In Russia, beef breast basically boiled, the Israeli tradition prescribe cook the meat in the oven at a low temperature mode — so beef turns out very soft and gentle. Not surprisingly, the same technique used by many a guru of cooking, such as, for example, Frank Falcinelli, the recipe of […]