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Roasted corn fritters.

We offer Mexican corn fritters. These pancakes are not dessert, serve them well as a snack. Fritters should eat hot with sour cream or your own. Cool cakes lose their savor. Corn fritters get very bright, soft and porous. This is a great dish for a variety of everyday menu.

Cake with cranberries and icing for the festive table

Personally, I have such holidays as Christmas and New Year are associated with poppy seeds and cranberries. Cakes and rolls with poppy seeds, cakes and duck with cranberry — a mandatory meal in a festive menu. Today will tell you about a relatively simple cake with cranberries, which often do and love dearly. For me, […]

Banana and walnut fritters

Banana and walnut fritters Ingredients: Wheat flour — 300 gr, sugar — 4 tablespoons. l yogurt — 450 g, egg — 3 pieces, baking powder — 3 hours. The l, butter — 2 tbsp Bananas — 3 pieces, Pecan — 75g, vegetable oil, maple syrup — to taste.

Carrot honey cheesecakes

Ingredients for 6-7 cheesecakes: 200 g of cottage cheese 1 egg 1 tsp honey 1 medium boiled carrots a handful of raisins light a handful of pumpkin seeds 1/2 tsp cinnamon Preparation: Cottage cheese mash with a fork. Add liquid honey and egg, mix well. Carrot Grate, add to the cottage cheese with raisins and […]

Apple cheese cakes without flour

Tasty and healthy cheese cakes! Cheesecakes without flour keep their shape, they have a golden color and a pleasant apple flavor. Perfect for breakfast, because the breakfast has to be not only delicious, but also useful! Ingredients: -Homemade cheese (dry) — 250g -Semolina — 3 tbsp -Egg — 1 pc. -Sugar — 1 tbsp -Sour […]