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Bagels with caviar.

You do not want to bake your own bagel? We have a detailed recipe! INGREDIENTS bagel 1 pc. 2-3 tablespoons red caviar butter 20g cheese 30 g salted cucumber 1-2 pcs. 1/2 avocado pieces. 1 piece of chicken eggs. 2-3 lettuce leaf

Bagels with salmon.

If bun sandwich is tasteless, tasteless sandwich to myself 🙂 Therefore, if possible, bake it yourself. The best basis for a sandwich beygl.Retsept regarded for its preparation here.

Bagels with tuna.

Best recipe bagels with tuna. Do you want to bake a delicious bagel yourself? The recipe here. As for the filling, canned tuna, cheese (preferably mozzarella or gouda), pickles — a great company! Add boiled egg sandwich satiety, butter — tenderness and lettuce — juiciness.

Croque Madame

Croque Monsieur — the legendary French sandwich with bechamel sauce, which is easily converted into a Croque Madame, we need only to put it on top of fried eggs. Metamorphosis in the name is explained by the French simple: fried it reminds lady’s hat. INGREDIENTS bread cheese ham chicken eggs cow’s milk 250ml butter 35g […]

Balik ekmek (Turkish cuisine)

Balik-ekmek — a kind of fast food in Turkish — tortilla with fish and vegetables. Ideal for preparation of snacks suitable ekmek Balon — Turkish grain tortilla, inflated like a small bun. But if you have no time to cook — Take pita bread, pita bread or mini ciabatta. INGREDIENTS: fish fillets 1/2 pcs. Roman […]