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Biscuit with vanilla pudding

Biscuit with vanilla pudding There are many recipes for sponge cake on a boiling water or boiling milk. I offer to cook a dessert of chocolate biscuit on the boiling milk with vanilla pudding. very tasty, beautiful and unusual!

lemon bars

lemon bars Very tasty, fragrant dessert. In addition, cooked very quickly! It consists of two layers: the bottom — the dough, top — similar mousse. Even tastier after getting cooler. Therefore, we strongly recommend the dessert stand in the refrigerator for a while.


figs One tribe is strongly starved, but it was especially bad for children, women and the elderly. They hardly getting any food. And one girl raised her hands to the sky and said: «The sun gave us the edible roots and the grandmother became ill and may die of hunger.» Her plea heard fairy figs […]

Pie «Banana Split»

Pie «Banana Split» Recipe for an American unit rolls, which includes the components of the famous dessert «Banana Split.» The cake consists of cake filled with three kinds of ice cream, bananas and chocolate. Top decorated with cocktail cherries and sprinkle with walnuts.

Giant Cake dessert S’MORE

Giant Cake dessert S’MORE Photo  adapted recipe dessert S’MORE.  This cake consists of joined together two giant cookies, that is placed between the ice cream, meringue and chocolate sauce.