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American parfait «Tropical breakfast»

American parfait «Tropical breakfast» Just four ingredients and five minutes it takes to prepare a bright refreshing parfait. It lays out a layer of crispy rice cereal between layers of vanilla yogurt, juicy mandarin and fresh pineapple and get dessert with a magnificent combination of textures.

Parfait with Greek Yogurt

Parfait with Greek Yogurt Recipe: Prepare homemade Greek yogurt: bed mesh coffee filter and set it to a bowl. Put 4 cups of yogurt into the filter and put in the fridge for 12 hours. (Serum should drain and thicken the consistency, you will have about 2 cups of thick yogurt). Take 1/2 cup of […]

American parfait with chocolate biscuits

American parfait with chocolate biscuits

Recipe bagels with jam

Recipe bagels with jam Today offers to your attention a recipe for croissants with jam.

Traditional Jewish holiday cookies «Homentashen»

Traditional Jewish holiday cookies «Homentashen» Ingredients to the recipe: ◾4 cups flour ◾2 hours. L. baking powder ◾1 / 4 hours. L. coarse salt ◾2 / 3 cups vegetable oil ◾2 eggs categories with plus 1 egg yolk ◾1 cups sugar ◾zest 1 lemon ◾juice 1/2 lemon ◾juice 1/2 orange ◾tablespoon brandy ◾Malinovy or apricot jam […]