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Blancmange with peaches

Preparation: 1. gelatin (30 g), pour the milk (200 ml) and remove the side for 1 hour; 2. The low-fat cottage cheese (700 gr), sour cream 10% (250 g) and sugar (200 g) using a mixer becomes a homogeneous mass; 3. Fruit (everything is a matter of taste and imagination), small (and can be larger) […]

Frankfurt Kranz (German cuisine).

«Frankfurt wreath» — an irresistible dessert of German origin. INGREDIENTS 4 pieces of chicken eggs. sugar 450 g 200 ml vegetable oil cow’s milk 200ml 300 g flour 10 g baking powder 1 g vanillin cream milk 200g 150g caster sugar cream 300g jam 200g

SWEET colored crystals on a stick is not only delicious to eat, but also a fascinating PREPARE

Ingredients: thin wooden sticks, 10 cups sugar, four cups of water, wide-mouth jars, clothespins, natural food colorings Step 1: Fill the pot four cups of water and pour four cups of sugar. Place over medium heat, bring to a boil and add 6 cups of sugar, stirring it regularly. When the sugar has dissolved, let […]

Sweet Mandarin casserole.

Ingredients: egg yolk 2 pieces. sugar 2 tbsp. l. a pinch of salt to taste mandarin 3 pieces. breadcrumbs 1 tbsp. l. flour incomplete 1 cup 70g raisins. vegetable oil odorless 1 hour. L. butter 2 tbsp. l. Preparation: 1.Beat with a mixer, cream butter with the yolks, sugar and salt.

Carrot halwa with cardamom and grapefruit

Ingredients: 1) Carrots 600 grams. 2) Olive oil 30 ml., 3) 1.5% Milk 200 ml., 4) Grapefruit 300 grams. 5) Honey 30 grams. 6) Almonds (chopped) 20 gr. 7) Cardamom (ground) 0.5 tsp 8) Nuts (peanuts) 50 grams. Preparation: Carrots grate on medium grater. With grapefruit remove peel, chop; squeeze the juice into a bowl. […]