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Banana ice cream

Banana ice cream You will need On 8 servings: 8 bananas 4 tbsp chopped pecans For the sauce, toffee: Sugar 300 g 3 strips of orange zest 40g unsalted butter

10-minute DESSERTS cappuccino

10-minute DESSERTS cappuccino You can prepare this dessert a la carte dishes for a cappuccino, or you can put it all in one beautiful vase. You will need On 6 servings: 1 purchase cupcake (Madeira), about 300 g 300 ml hot strong black coffee 3 tablespoons brandy 1 tbsp brown sugar 100 g of chocolate, […]

Chocolate fondant (cakes with liquid filling)

Chocolate fondant (cakes with liquid filling). Ingredients: 150 g chocolate 70-90% cocoa 50 g butter 2 eggs 50g sugar 30-40 g flour Preparation:

Oatmeal cookies with M & M’s

Oatmeal cookies with M & M’s.

Pets «Raffaello» with kiwi and nuts.

Pets «Raffaello» with kiwi and nuts. Candy can be not only delicious but also very useful — these domestic «Raffaello» with kiwi and nuts, which you can easily prepare yourself.