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Cocktail «Laguna».

INGREDIENTS Pineapple juice — 50 ml Grape juice — 50 ml Apple juice — 50 ml Blue curacao syrup — 20 ml Ice HOW TO COOK All juices and syrup mixed in a shaker or in a glass mixing cocktails. Fill glass with ice and pour into a cocktail.

Cocktail «AlkoShok.»

INGREDIENTS 1.Vodka — 20 ml. 2.Shokoladny liquor — 20 ml. 3.Shokoladnaya chips — 1ch.l 4.Vzbitye cream, ice cubes HOW TO COOK Liquor and vodka shake up in a shaker or blender, the resulting mixture is poured into a glass or wine glass, add ice, spread whipped cream and sprinkle with chocolate chips. Note: I turned […]

Cocktail «Patriot»

INGREDIENTS 20 ml grenadine syrup 20ml liquor «Blue Curacao» 15 ml vodka 5 ml cream HOW TO COOK First, mix the vodka with cream. I had already whipping cream sweet. Mixed with vodka at a ratio of 1: 1 (not as in the recipe) — came out very tasty cream liqueur, which can be used, […]

Cocktail «Russian flag»

INGREDIENTS 20 ml grenadine syrup (Grenadine) 20 ml of liquor «Blue Curacao» (Blue Curacao) 15 ml vodka 5 ml cream HOW TO COOK All ingredients pour method «build» in the strict order in the knife back to the wall of an inverted spoon or cup. The last layer: cream, vodka diluted to the required you […]

What to drink on New Year Top 5 Best cocktails

1. A cocktail with champagne and ice cream Ingredients: