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KEFIR with cinnamon and pepper

We warn once: not the most delicious, but incredibly effective fat burning cocktail! You will need: Low-fat yogurt — 250 ml Ground red pepper — a pinch Ground ginger — half a teaspoon Cinnamon — half a teaspoon

Cocktail of kiwi

Kiwi — 5 pcs Apple juice — 250 ml Powdered sugar — 4 tablespoons A little cinnamon (1/5 teaspoon)

White mulled wine.

INGREDIENTS Dry white wine — 200 ml Oranges front — 2 pcs. Water — 100 mL Cinnamon — 1 stick Cloves — 2 pieces Nutmeg — 1/3 tsp Star anise — 1 star HOW TO COOK Squeeze the juice from the oranges, while leaving a bit of orange peel, along with the remains of the […]

Mulled wine «New Year»

The mulled wine all in harmony and flavor of lemon and orange, clove bitterness, sweetness, aroma of vanilla and severity of hot peppers! Feelings after mulled wine — excellent! It goryachitelny that warms the body and soul a drink on a cold winter evening, cheer up and create a warm holiday atmosphere, good and love! […]

Cocktail «Marrakech».

INGREDIENTS Rum Bacardi Superior — 20ml Peach juice — 70 ml Grapefruit juice — 70 ml Lime juice — 20 ml Spice Curry — pinch Grenadine syrup — 20 ml Orange — 1/2 cup HOW TO COOK