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Fancy cocktails Japan

Fancy cocktails Japan Japanese cocktails — the same as the actual land of the rising sun. Complex multi-beautiful, they are often poetic names. Some absorbed the Japanese tradition of alcoholic and other beverages prepared from different around the world. Let’s see what are the unusual Japanese cocktails.

Top 10 most popular cocktails

Top 10 most popular cocktails Popular cocktails. Spring came! The sun blinding and shamelessly smiling, as if it was winter and we only dreamed of. But this opinion is sliding lower on the tall snowdrifts melt and oceans of water. Um, no, not a dream. And if the street is still cool, we will disperse […]

How to make eggnog?

How to make eggnog? Eggnog — a dessert based on egg whites and yolks, which is at the correct formulation has a therapeutic effect. It helps with colds, hoarseness or loss of voice. Also, he’s a great assistant to those who struggle with being overweight. There is a huge range of cooking, at first glance, […]


CLASSICAL LATTE INGREDIENTS: ● Coffee natural ground 4 tbsp ● Milk 300 ml ● Water 150 ml ● Sugar to taste ● Powdered cinnamon to taste PREPARATION: 1. pours coffee in the Turk and pour cold water. Brew coffee over high heat until foam lift. Or just cook instant coffee (not recommended). 2. Preheat the […]

Beauty Elixir.

Ingredients: ● 1 large ripe grapefruit ● 1 tablespoon of honey (depending on your taste)