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Udon noodles with chicken breast.

Ingredients: -1/2 package of udon noodles; -1/2 sweet pepper; -1/2 carrots; -1 chicken breast; -2st. soy sauce. Cooking method:    1.Carrots and peppers cut into thin strips. I use this for Peeler.

Polpetta chicken fillet.

Polpetta chicken fillet. Polpetta — a very interesting dish. It is each time obtained in different ways depending on the type of meat and cheese. With trailing cheeses (mozzarella, provolone) polpetta turns tender, with semisolid (Mimolette, kachiotta) — with creamy taste with seasoned (parmesan, grana padano) — spicy. And by combining different types of cheese, […]

Steam cutlets with almonds, thyme and pesto.

I never thought that I, a passionate lover of all fatty and fried, will praise cooked chicken fillet burgers steam. But they turned out really, really tasty. Juicy and tender, with a delicate aroma of thyme and crunchy nuts inside. To prepare two portions (8 pieces) steam cutlets we need:

Turkey cutlets, apple and walnut salad.

Turkey cutlets, apple and walnut salad. Thus prepared cutlets out very juicy and a little unusual. On the one hand they use turkey fillet, on the other hand, this is complemented by soft crunchy nuts that make up. The very same goes chops taste sweet and sour. It perfectly complements the simple salad of mozzarella, […]