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Ballotin Today, a new one will be a festive dish. It is served hot and cold, it is worthy of any decorate a buffet, gala dinner or a dinner party, and may even become your «specialty» dish. It can be so different from the simple to the highly refined performance that it can be served […]

Chicken cutlets in pea batter with rice

Chicken cutlets in pea batter with rice.

Chicken with figs and pine nuts

When it’s time to start figs, you need to catch the moment. Figs with pine nuts, roasted red onions, rosemary, honey and chicken — just extremely tasty. INGREDIENTS chicken (thigh or lower leg) — 1 kg red onion — 1 pc. Garlic — 2 the tooth. olive oil — 5 tablespoons. l. rosemary — 1 […]

Udon with chicken.

INGREDIENTS noodles 170g chicken fillet 80 g onions 10 g oyster mushrooms 15 g pepper 10 g 10 g of soy sauce 20 g soy sprouts oyster sauce 30 g vegetable oil 10 g salt to taste

Chicken, peas & cucumber salad.

Ingredients chicken (fillet) — 250g green peas — 40 g salt — to taste medium potatoes — 1 large potato (80 g) pickled cucumbers — 40 g Mayonnaise — 80 g parsley (green) — twig boiled egg — 1 pc. crab meat — 30 grams