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Air casserole with pumpkin

Autumn gives us such a wonderful product like pumpkin. It has a pleasant taste, and benefit from it a lot, and it carries a warm sunlight, which is so lacking in the fall. Pumpkin dishes in abundance. I offer you a simple recipe for pumpkin casserole. Your loved ones will thank you. Highly recommend.

Cottage cheese casserole with pumpkin

Cottage cheese casserole with pumpkin.

Blitz-casserole of three ingredients

Ingredients: — Cottage cheese — 500 gr. — Condensed milk — 1 jar. — Eggs — 3 pcs.

Curd pudding with raspberries

Curd pudding with raspberries Ingredients: cheese 300g. eggs 2 pcs. 300 g flour. vanilla sugar 10 grams. sugar 150g. a pinch of baking powder to taste fresh raspberries 100g. mint sprigs 5 pcs. butter 150 gr.

Cottage cheese casserole with white chocolate

INGREDIENTS: ● any zhirnosti- Cheese 250 g ● Milk — 100 ml ● Munk — 2 tbsp ● Sugar — 2 tbsp (or taste) ● Egg — 1 pc. ● White Chocolate — 30-50 g PREPARATION: 1. Cottage cheese, milk, semolina, sugar and punch connect blender until smooth. Then add the egg mix with a […]