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Crispy pie with cod, haddock and prawns.

INGREDIENTS 200 g dough 200 g cod fillets 200 g fillet of smoked haddock 1 cup milk 200 g peeled fresh shrimp 4 tbsp. l. whipping cream 2 tbsp. l. flour 50 g butter a small bunch of parsley a small bunch of green onions 1 bay leaf 100g breadcrumbs Salt and black pepper

Quick cabbage pie

This unusual cabbage cake will appeal to all who love cabbage — try to cook it! Ingredients: from 700g to 1kg of white cabbage 200g margarine 2 eggs 1 glass of milk and semolina 1 tsp Sahara

Pie with potatoes and meat.

Ingredients: Filling: 300 g of potatoes and ground beef 1 onion garlic spices, salt Dough: 200 g sour cream

Austrian rayndling.

INGREDIENTS butter — 100 g demerara brown sugar — 3 tbsp. l. Wheat flour — 500 g fresh yeast — 20 g Salt — a pinch egg — 1 pc. milk — 250 ml Anise ground — 0.5 tsp.. For filling:

Potato tortilla

Ingredients: 5 potatoes 1 h. L. salt butter 4 eggs 2.1 h. L. salt 4.1 h. L. ground black pepper 125 ml cream 1/2 leek or onion 100 g feta 50 g of cheese 2 tomatoes