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Cornish pies with lamb.

Cornish pies with lamb. INGREDIENTS 1 cup of strong beef broth 1 cup dry red wine 600 g pulp of lamb 250g puff pastry 10 large mushrooms 4 shallots bulbs 1 medium head of garlic 2 sprigs rosemary 1 egg 3 tbsp. l. olive oil and a little more for greasing salt, freshly ground black […]

Potato pie with mushrooms.

Potato pie with mushrooms. Pies with mushrooms surprisingly diverse. And diversity is determined by selecting a test and mushrooms for stuffing. But there is a mandatory general rule for any pies with mushrooms: the filling should be quite dry. This means that fresh or frozen mushrooms should be freed from excess moisture. With this purpose, […]

Pie with mushrooms.

Pie with mushrooms. INGREDIENTS sour cream — 150 g + 2 tbsp. l. butter — 100 g sugar — 0.5 tsp.. flour — 2 cups Fresh wild mushrooms or mushrooms — 350 g onions — 2 onions vegetable oil — 2 tbsp. l. salt — to taste egg — 3 pieces.

Pot pie with chicken.

Pot pie — is a cross between a cake and a dish, baked in a pot. American invention. It’s just a pot pie and love it is necessary for what it is).

Potato Pie «Chips»

  Instead salami can take everything that goes with potatoes — mushrooms, baked, boiled, and the twisted meat, chicken or even sausage. Something like pizza turns. We spread layers of potatoes and stuffing in the oven for an hour, bring to the top of the pie of crispy chips. Admiring how to flavor the whole […]