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Frittata with vegetables and ham

Frittata with vegetables and ham Warm or completely cooled down frittata every bit as delicious freshly removed from the pan. INGREDIENTS 12 large eggs 3 tablespoons cream or sour cream, 20% fat 2 tsp olive oil 300 grams of vegetables (peppers, broccoli inflorescences, green beans, green peas, corn, asparagus — alone or in any combination […]

Rolls of omelet, cervelat with ham and arugula

Rolls of omelet, cervelat with ham and arugula INGREDIENTS 8 eggs 100 g cervelat with ham 50 g soft cream cheese 20 g arugula 60 g butter salt, freshly ground black pepper

Fast Lasagna with salmon

Fast Lasagna with salmon. Lasagna dish quite summer if to cook it from fresh fish, young green peas and sprinkle with herbs abundantly. INGREDIENTS green peas — 250 g cream fat content of 10-15% — 120 ml a small bunch of dill basil — 0.5 beam lemon half dry layers of lasagna — 8-10 pieces. […]

Russian rolls appetizer.

Herring under a fur coat turns into a Russian rolls, our excellent snack will please your guests! Ingredients:

Chicken loaf with mushrooms.

This juicy, fragrant and delicious bread — a great alternative to shopping cutlets and sausages. Excellent bread cut into portions and holds its shape.