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Cheese appetizer.

Cheese appetizer. Ingredients: Cottage cheese 500g. Fat sour cream or cream 200ml. Salt to taste Fresh dill to taste A pinch of black pepper to taste A pair of medium-sized cloves of garlic to taste

Garlic bread with cheese.

Garlic bread with cheese.

Hot sandwiches with mushrooms.

Hot sandwiches with mushrooms. Ingredients: Baguette 1 pc. Mushrooms 400 gr. Cheese 150 gr. Mayonnaise to taste

Pate avocado.

Pate avocado. Ingredients: -Avocado 1 pc. -Ricotta 200g. -Lemon juice 1 tbsp. l. -Sugar 1 tbsp. l. -Salt to taste


Tapenade. Tapenade – a dish of French cuisine, a snack in the form of a paste, which is eaten spread on bread or used as a prepared sauce to the vegetables. The composition of the paste is simple: olives (black), anchovies, capers and olive oil. Important, high-quality and delicious raw foods. In most recipes do […]