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Bruschetta with peach jam and biscuits

Bruschetta with peach jam and biscuits

Cheese on your plate

Cheese on your plate I am convinced, as I am not alone in my love for this wonderful product. Among us there were many fans of cheese — and not just fans, and well versed in the varieties and ready to experiment with new, still unfamiliar flavors. So I want to invite you to continue […]

Pita with Zaatar

Pita with Zaatar If Pete does not buy, then you need to cook the most. At home. What do I need? 0.5 kg of flour, yeast, salt and water (0.5 liters). Knead the dough (it should be flexible and tough and easy to keep up with the fingers). Give it to come in a warm […]

Greek hot appetizer «Buyurdi»

Greek hot appetizer «Buyurdi» Buyurdi — one of the most popular Greek snacks, which can be found in almost any tavern throughout Greece. Originally, this dish came from Constantinople (Istanbul), the Turkish origin and indicates clearly the Greek name. Those who once tried buyurdi recognized that this hot appetizer is so captivated them that they […]

baked hashpappi

baked hashpappi Hashpappi — a fried dough balls in the corn flour. They are widespread in the US South and usually served as a complement to fish dishes. Traditionally, they are fried, but we will try to make a lighter version and bake hashpappi.