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Snack Cheese to the festive table.

Snack Cheese to the festive table.

Kyufta lamb hummus, chips and salad.

This oriental cuisine. Tasty course, especially with tortilla crisps, fresh vegetables, and mutton cutlets with horosho.Esli advance boil or use canned chickpeas (although I’d better boil dry), the time needed to prepare 10 minutes Besides, quite a dietichno unless a sheep cutlets.


Dishes of zucchini is very useful and tasty, most importantly they need to be loved and well liked gotovit.Ochen millefeuille of courgette, especially hot (of course you need to eat it hot, the cheese stretched) … Per serving is needed: – 2 slices of zucchini (1-1.5 cm thick) – 2 slices of eggplant, – 2 […]

Flan zucchini.

Flan zucchini. Similar recipes before I was not interested … It seemed that everything is a little edible, especially for us when no piece of meat on the table, dinner is not dinner. It also prepared more out of curiosity, because stray zucchini in the refrigerator.

Rolls with Roast Beef.

Rolls with Roast Beef. Vietnamese appetizer. They are usually cooked with prawns. And this is the American version of roast beef and mayonnaise. Thai curry paste and fresh herb sauce added a ton of toppings vkusa.