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Prepare sandwiches Zucchini

Prepare sandwiches Zucchini Who said sandwiches have to be with the bread? Try to replace the usual bun slices of zucchini or eggplant, and get a completely unexpected and fresh version of the familiar dishes.

Greek cuisine: recipe dzadziki

Greek cuisine: recipe dzadziki Delicious appetizer with garlic yoghurt and cucumber. Dzadziki — this is one of the most popular dishes of Greek cuisine, based on yogurt appetizer with garlic, grated cucumber, herbs and spices. It is used as a sauce to dip vegetables, bread, meat or fish.

Cake appetizer

Cake appetizer What is the most important thing in the cake? Air or shortcrust pastry, creamy whether cream or custard with nuts he or fresh fruit, maybe calories? No. The main thing in the cake, that makes us tempted to slice, it is his view. All these wonderful ornaments berries, roses of cream, chocolate curls […]

Fish Day! Salads and snacks

Fish Day! Salads and snacks Now, each of us knows many recipes for salads and snacks with fish and seafood that they can not even list. And if you connect your imagination and do not be afraid to improvise in the kitchen, every time get a new version of the familiar dishes — in fact […]

Tostados with pumpkin, spaghetti

Tostados with pumpkin, spaghetti