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Stuffed mushrooms with bacon

Stuffed mushrooms – one of the best snacks: it’s delicious, simple and fast. As we take the cheese filling, and for satiety and aroma wrap stuffed with mushrooms in strips of bacon.

Julienne in tartlets.

Ingredients: Chicken breast (cooked) – 400 g Mushrooms (fresh) – 400 g Onions – 2 pieces Cheese (creamy, not too hard) – 300 g Cream (20%) – 500 ml Wheat flour – 2 tbsp. l. Preparation:

Omelette soufflé with ham and cheese (French cuisine).

This filling for traditional French quiches Laurent acting solo, without a test. This is a basic recipe that tolerate any plot development. Besides ham and cheese, you can add any vegetables lightly fried, bacon, smoked or salted fish and all kinds of meat, not forgetting his finely chop.


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