Recipes for the Christmas table.

How do New Year’s table hospitable hostess — a beautiful, unusual and simply delicious.

We are waiting for change so years, so getting ready for something new and unusual, we hope that next year we will definitely magical blue bird of luck here and plan to make this a chic table, ever.

Since all our cases in the coming year will rule Monkey sweet tooth, then many of the dishes have to be a «saharinkoy.»

Do not do without meat and fish, as any predatory warm-blooded animal, your Fire Monkey will not give up on the wonderful cooked poultry, eats and original, but simply prepared fish and enjoy a luxurious dessert to finish the meal.

We offer you a selection of interesting dishes Christmas, New Year’s menu for your holiday table, for every gourmet will find something tasty and new

1. Decorate your holiday table beautiful and bright dish: New Monkey salad prepared this recipe will impress everyone!

New Year’s salad monkey — the symbol of 2016, which will decorate your table. After all, according to the Eastern calendar, the mistress of the future will be the Fire Monkey.

This salad is made of chicken with cheese, apples, walnuts, egg, red onion and mayonnaise and thanks to this combination of flavors turns incredibly delicious and tender. Do it and get compliments and requests to share the recipe.


150 g of cheese

3 boiled eggs

2 chicken fillets and baked apple

3 tbsp mayonnaise

black olives


pepper, salt

How to cook:

Grind the onion, chicken and eggs, cut into small cubes.

Put prepared foods in a salad bowl.

Clean the apples and rub them on a medium or coarse grater, add to the salad.

100g cheese rub on a coarse grater and add to the salad, season with his mayonnaise, pepper and salt and mix well.

Put cooked salad on platter in the form of a monkey’s head.

Grind the walnuts, rubbed on a fine grater remaining cheese.

Put the cheese, olives and walnuts on a salad, giving it a kind of monkey head: to make the forelock of nuts, the rest of the surface, including a muzzle, put cheese, make the nose, eyes and smile of olives.

2. New Year’s salad with salmon

— Red salted fish (trout or salmon) — 500 g
— Boiled Eggs — 4 pcs.
— Boiled rice — 4-5 Art. l.
— Crab sticks (or shrimp) — 1 pack
For the cream:
— Soft cheese «Philadelphia» — 100 g
— Cream — 4 tbsp. l.
— Mayonnaise — 4 tbsp. l.
— Gelatin — 8 g
For decoration:
— greenery
— Red caviar

Cooking cream. Soak gelatin in 0.5 cups of water for 30-40 minutes for swelling, and is soluble in a water bath.
While gelatin cools, combine into a homogeneous mass sour cream, mayonnaise and cream cheese. First, to the cheese and mayonnaise, add a little rub, then add the cream and stir well.
Then, while stirring, the mixture was poured into cooled easy to heat the gelatin solution.
Cream turns on density as sour cream.
Rubbed on a fine grater separately yolks, whites and crab sticks.
The form of veiled polyethylene plёnkoy.Rybu cut into thin strips and spread on the bottom and sides formy.V shape laid out slices of fish, lay out the layers:
1) cream
2) grated egg yolks,
3) cream
4) grated crab sticks,
5) Cream
6) grated proteins
7) cream,
8) Fig.
9) cream.
Put the form with the cake in the refrigerator overnight to solidify the gelatin cream. After 8-10 hours, we obtain the form of a cake from the refrigerator, cover the top plate and turned upside down: the cake falls on the plate.
Decorate the cake: the top red caviar and greens on the perimeter.

3. Salad Christmas card (sprig with bullfinches)

Smart cards in the form of salad will help to diversify your New Year’s table and to please visitors 🙂

The composition of the salad:
300 gr. boiled tongue or liver,
300 gr. hard cheese with a neutral taste,
1-2 red bell pepper,
a handful of black olives,
fresh cucumber and a couple of pomegranate seeds (optional) for decoration
Pepper necessarily take the red in the first place, it is necessary to decorate the «cards», and secondly — with it is much tastier than green or yellow.
The meat of the salad in advance and must be cooked directly cool in the broth.

Cooking method:      
Beforehand, leave a little of each ingredient to decorate the salad.
Pepper cut into cubes, fry in hot vegetable oil, not more than 10 seconds, so it turned out half-baked.
Boiled beef tongue or liver cut into thin cubes, spread on a dish the first layer in the form of a rectangle.
The second layer — bell pepper, sliced ​​as thin cubes and lightly fried in a pan.
Third — finely chopped olives. Each layer of fluff with mayonnaise.
The final layer — grated cheese, lay flat, without gaps, this will be the background of our Christmas cards.
And the apotheosis of the recipe — Bullfinch on a branch. Sprig of meat, needles of cucumber. In general, then, you can simply imitate the branch eating a sprig of dill. Breast bullfinch — crushed red pepper, back — olives. Bright and festive New Year’s salad is ready.
Note: Boiled tongue or liver in this salad can replace ham, then to cook will take less time, but you can do to make cold cuts, will also be delicious.

4. Salad Christmas wreath (Christmas Wreath)
Dressy Christmas wreath has become a Christmas tradition not only in the United States, European countries and in Russia. Fluffy fir, with a velvet ribbon wreath is usually hung on the front door and put on the table salad «Christmas Wreath».


medium-sized potatoes 2 pcs.
2 eggs,
smoked sausage or any boiled meat 100g
1 cucumber is medium in size,
Canned corn half trehsotgrammovoy banks
100 g hard cheese,
For the filling:
mayonnaise or mayonnaise with sour cream in a ratio of 1: 1
For decoration:
Long large carrot 1 pcs.
1 good bunch parsley.
Spread wreath in the shape of a lot easier, so better to get a five-liter bottle from the water, from which the form is done.

Cooking method: 
Cook vegetables — potatoes, carrots and hard-boiled eggs, cool and clean.
Cucumbers and parsley, wash and give to drain the water. With canned corn drainage.
Prepare the dressing from sour cream and mayonnaise.
Getting to the creation of a New Year’s wreath-salad. Potatoes cut into small cubes. All products in this Christmas salad is best to cut very small — it’s more convenient to lay their wreath, and will not come apart. The sliced ​​potatoes add mayonnaise, salt and mix well — so the potato layer is sufficiently rich, and lay a wreath is much easier than to lubricate the dressing and keep the shape of the salad will be better. Likewise handle eggs, sausage and cucumbers.
Christmas wreath to look carefully, it will be spread by means of a makeshift form. In the center put a cup of food, and the salad spread around it layer by layer. The outer edge of the lettuce can be limited by cutting wide ring of five-liter plastic bottles. The first layer — potatoes, giving it the shape of wreaths.
The next layer of lettuce — chopped eggs.
Then — cut into small diced cucumbers.
Then a layer of small cubes of sausage.
Top — coarsely grated cheese.
The last layer of salad — corn.
The sequence of layers can also be changed to your liking.
Send a wreath in the refrigerator to the salad is well soaked.
Before serving decorate the holiday table Salad. To decorate the wreath laid tightly enough on the surface of the parsley salad. We dress up our wreath: carrots cut into very thin slices peeler or knife dipped in vegetable oil. We put a little carrot ribbon diagonally at regular intervals. On top decorate with drops of mayonnaise.
Simplify the process of creating a salad wreaths to blend all the ingredients in a salad bowl, fill it with mayonnaise and salad laid out ready-made in the form of a wreath. Decorate a Christmas wreath in a similar manner.

5. Vegetable salad with pickled mushrooms

Lightweight and very crispy vitamin salad.

Ingredients for 4 servings
pickled mushrooms 1 jar,
1 medium onion,
1 medium carrot,
1 small sweet green pepper,
1 small sweet red pepper,
1 small yellow or orange bell peppers,
1 medium salted cucumber,
1 medium cucumber,
1/2 cup chopped fresh dill (add more if you want to taste)
3-4 tablespoons olive oil (or more to taste)
3-4 tablespoons fresh lemon juice (or more to taste)
Salt to taste,
ground black pepper to taste.

Cooking method:
Cook carrots until soft, clean, cut into thin strips.
Bulgarian pepper clean the seeds and cut into thin strips.
Cucumbers cut into thin strips.
If mushrooms are small, leave them whole. If large, cut into quarters or rugs.
Clean the onion and chop very finely. Peppered him with a tablespoon of salt, mix well with hands to he released juice, then wash the onion under cold water, blotted with a paper towel.
We combine all the ingredients together, dressed, stir. Let cool for a salad in the refrigerator at least 30 minutes before serving.

6. Herringbone of salad Olivier

How to do without the most favorite salad Olivier — that this dish is prepared in every home.

Even if each family has its own original recipe is still to remember that you need for this salad (ingredients, you can change a bit, for example, instead of chicken to put a couple of different kinds of sausage and ham, not to put a carrot or replace salted cucumbers to pickle add cooked meat — this is where your imagination can run at full capacity).

You will need: chicken — 4 pcs potatoes — 4 pcs eggs — 5 pcs carrots — 3 pieces pickled cucumbers — 5 pieces of fresh cucumber — 4 pieces canned peas — 1 Bank mayonnaise — 50%.
Mix all the ingredients, season with mayonnaise.
When the salad is ready, it can be beautifully arranged on a large plate in the form of Christmas trees and decorate the way you decorate your Christmas tree, but it can be firmly «stuff» in a glass with a wide neck and narrow bottomed, then flip onto a plate and decorate with leaves of dill — Here are your New Year’s table the beautiful «edible Christmas trees.» Such decorations can be placed in each corner of the table — comfortable, beautiful and unusual.

And now the most important thing — hot dishes
No matter how smart and hearty snacks nebyli from hot dishes for the New Year table does not refuse anybody.

7. Stuffed pike

Stuffed pike — a royal dish, according to the Russian symbol of the holiday feast. When this dish is prepared and remember him, relatives chefs come to a complete delight. Let’s see how to prepare one of the great traditional Russian dishes — stuffed pike.

The preparation of this dish is that with the carcasses of fish to gently remove the skin by a «stocking», which is then stuffed with additional ingredients blended shredded flesh pike.

And this is the process of removing the skin stops many inexperienced cooks in this matter, in which there are concerns that need to do so as it does not, and in the end everything will be ruined meal. We urge not to be afraid of! Following the described steps in this recipe, make a delicious and beautiful stuffed pike can all!


100g lard salt / fresh
1-2 onions
1 medium size pike
1 egg
ground black pepper

How to cook:
Choose to cook is not very big fish that it fits on a baking sheet for baking.
Frozen fish should be well defrost — entirely. Clean off with a fish scales with a knife, rinse, carefully cut the head, remove the gills, wash, washing away all the excess.

Next you need to carefully remove the skin from the carcass as a «stocking» — that she starred as a whole, it does not hurt. To do this, pick up the edge of her knife, then gently remove your hands, do not pull strongly. It is better to cut the meat with a knife to a whole remained the skin. Particular care should be to remove the skin of the fins.

You can remove the skin with a lot of meat, and only then cut it with a knife — the main task: to keep the entire skin.
Near the tail backbone cut, fillet of pike separated from large bones and cut from the skin if it is left on it.

Twice twist pike fillets through a meat grinder, once scroll bacon with onions, combine minced fish with onions, bacon, eggs raw, season to taste with spices, pepper and salt the, mix minced to homogeneity.

Holding the «stocking» of pike skin left hand, right gently spread it with a spoon cooked beef, not tamp too — otherwise not be able to bend the carcass of the fish on a baking sheet in a semicircle.

Tie the end of the «stocking» thread, put on oiled baking, put his head close to the fish seemed a whole, put in a preheated 180 degree oven and bake for 1 hour.

Stuffed pike ready to cool a little, gently out onto a plate, put his head to garnish and decorate to your taste, for example, using vegetables and sour cream (sour cream can be put in a pastry syringe and make patterns on the fish).
Bon Appetit!

Options for filling for stuffed pike may be different:

Mushroom: mushrooms 250g, 150ml milk, 3 slices of white loaf, 1 carrot, and onion, 2st.l. butter / vegetable oil, 1 egg, black pepper and salt.
Rice: 200ml milk 150g onions, 100g of white bread, 1 egg, 2 tablespoons boiled rice, herbs, pepper, salt.
Potato: Potato puree or finely diced raw potatoes mixed with fried onions and minced fish.
Assorted: 300g mushrooms, rice and 50g of butter, 1 onion, carrots and packing crab sticks, lemon juice, fresh herbs, pepper and salt.
Try to cook stuffed pike for home feast — your efforts will pay off! Use the proposed options or one of your own toppings and enjoy this magnificent king’s dish!

8. Chicken in a New Year’s baked with rosemary and mandarin oranges.

Chicken and tangerines — a great combination for the New Year’s table. Prepare a delicious chicken with this recipe can even inexperienced cook, who undertook the first time for such a task. The advantage of the proposed prescription is that at the same time preparing chicken and garnish it with rice, which she stuffed. This is a very simple recipe for a spectacular New Year’s hot.


1,2-1,5kg chicken (carcass 1)
100g long grain parboiled rice
30g raisins pitted
5 slices of bacon or bacon
2-3 sprigs of fresh rosemary (you can use dried)
2 Mandarin
1 lemon
soy sauce
black and red pepper
Spices for pilaf

How to cook:
Running water rinse well with rice until water clarity. Put the rice in a pot, put washed raisins, pour water in the ratio 1: 1 salt the, add spices (pilaf) and boil until almost fully cooked, but slightly nedovarivat.

Rinse chicken inside and outside the carcass, to rub on all sides with a mixture of soy sauce with black and red pepper, rosemary and salt.

Put in the chicken rice, alternating with slices of peeled tangerine and lemon, gently cooking thread to sew up the hole through which produces chicken stuffing.

Cut the bacon into 5-6 flat pieces, put the chicken on a baking sheet with foil the laid back in his breast up, using wooden toothpicks to attach to chicken breast slices of bacon, baked chicken in a hot oven to 170-200 degrees, the fat should be removed until the moment when it will turn into cracklings.

Before baking tips of the legs and wings of chicken is best to wrap the foil so that they are not burnt during cooking. Total Time roasting chicken — about 1 hour.

For 5-10min before the end of cooking sprinkle baking chicken isolated by Socko, then flushed until golden brown. When a chicken to lay on a flat dish and beautifully arrange — lettuce, vegetables or other foods to taste.

Bon Appetit!

If desired, you can replace rosemary, bay leaf, but it is better not to do — its combination with tangerines and creates the very Christmas mood food.

9. And as the central Christmas feast dish — lamb with a banana

You will need:
lamb — 1 kg

Mutton to cut into portions of 100-150 g, thin slices of meat will fry in very hot oil in a frying pan. Be careful Refried lamb loses its taste, it becomes a tough and tasteless. In a separate pan fry the bananas. Cut unripe bananas in half lengthwise, fry on both sides. In a dish put the meat and garnish with fried bananas. Prepare 100 g of medical alcohol or any other strong drink (calvados, whiskey, brandy — the ignition of the liquid needed to warm up)
As soon as the hot dish is brought to the living room — turned out the light, drench your delicacy alcohol and ignite. Effect promise the most stunning — a flaming dish with fragrant mutton can not fail to delight guests!

Desserts satiated guests

10. After such a gorgeous feast think even the cake or cakes no one can, but there are still a couple of hours before the meeting Christmas, it may be wise to submit guests Bowl let rest a bit blase stomach, especially since Boule well helps digestion.

Boule — low-alcohol beverage, which has a subtle flavor and aroma.
For its preparation used light wines. Sugar should be used in limited quantities. The classical composition Bowl necessarily include fruit or berries, and before serving add ice cream, champagne or mineral water. Flavoring Bowl usually lemon or orange peel (juice), cinnamon, cloves and others. Drinks are served a dessert plate or a saucer and a teaspoon.
In the cold season Boule is recommended to be served at room temperature without additional cooling components. In the warm temperature of the drink can be as low as possible.
When cooking Bowl Champagne can be replaced or fizzy sparkling berry wine.

You will need:
1 can of canned pineapple
1 bottle of dry white wine
1 bottle of champagne
Pineapple cut into small pieces and put into a beautiful crystal or glass dish — a deep bowl or jar with a wide neck. Pour dry wine and let (preferably in the refrigerator). Before serving, pour a bottle of champagne and sweet at once using a ladle to pour into glasses. Each guest is given by teaspoonful — it was convenient to catch the pieces of pineapple.

What will it be, the approaching year — generous or stingy on gifts and joy, cheerful and happy or bring a little bit of frustration — all of us are always hoping for the best.
I wish to happiness and luck was with you always! Merry Christmas!  ✨✨✨


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