Recipes for salads with pears

Recipes for salads with pears.

And here is the recipe salad with pears. Time is inexorable. Very soon, we will reap the harvest of apples and pears. Take a mental note recipes.

рец сала с грушей

Pears with cheese.


-pears (300 g)
-cream cheese (300 g)
-mayonnaise (100 g)
-cream (2 tbsp. Spoons)
-granulated sugar,

Pears cut into small thin slices, cheese grate.

Stir, season with sour cream mixed with mayonnaise, add the sugar and salt.

Pears with cucumbers.


pears (300 g)
cucumber (200 g)
walnuts or hazelnuts (100 g)
raisins (2 tbsp. Spoons)
or sour cream (100 g)
lemon juice,
granulated sugar.

Pears and cucumber peel, remove the core from the pears. Cut everything into cubes and sprinkle with lemon juice.

Add the washed raisins, chopped nuts, sugar. Fill the cream and sour cream.

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