Recipe thin Italian pizza.

Recipe thin Italian pizza.

тонкая ита пицца

-warm water dough 100 gr.
-dry yeast 0.5 h. l.
-sugar 1 hour. L.
-salt 1 h. l.
-2 cups sifted flour
-Egg 1 pc.
-olive oil 2 tbsp. l.
-tomatoes tomato. sauce 100 gr.
-olive oil to taste
-dried basil to taste
-oregano to taste
-Salt, to taste sugar
-tomatoes stuffing 100 gr.
-ham 100g.
-Cheese 120 g.
-pepper 50g.
-fresh mushrooms 100g.

тонкая ита пицца2
Knead the dough: Dissolve sugar in warm water, dry yeast and salt.
тонкая ита пицца3
Stir half of the flour, stir and add the egg and mix well again weight.
Add the remaining flour, olive oil and knead the dough.
тонкая ита пицца4
Divide the dough in half: half of each, you can cook a pizza with a diameter of 35-40 cm.
тонкая ита пицца8
Roll out the dough into a thin round pancake, as appropriate podsypaya flour.
Prepare the tomato sauce: 2-3 medium tomatoes and scald with boiling water, remove the peel
тонкая ита пицца5
Grind them in a blender, add a pinch of dried basil and oregano, olive oil, sugar, salt.
Boil the sauce for 5 minutes, and let cool slightly.
тонкая ита пицца6
The entire area of ​​the test Spread tomato sauce.
тонкая ита пицца7
Arrange the sliced ​​mushrooms, ham, peppers, tomatoes, sprinkle with grated cheese and herbs.
Put the pizza for 15-20 minutes in a preheated oven to 420F degrees. Important: Do not overdo it in the oven, otherwise the dough get soft!

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