Recipe ideas for Halloween.

Recipe ideas for Halloween.

What if guests flatly refuse to feast your fingers and eat worms? Just in case some stuff with portioned pumpkins small. Tasty, healthy, fragrant, and about Halloween.


2 small pumpkin;
1/2 cup rice;
1/4 cup raisins;
1/4 cup dried apricots;
1/4 cup prunes;
1/2 cup cream;
2/3 Art. l. honey.

My pumpkin, cut off the “cap”.
Carefully take out the seeds discarded.
Figure boil until half.
Dried apricots and prunes cut into small pieces, mix with raisins, rice, honey. Add the cream and stir again.
Cover with a “cap” and bake in the oven at 180 degrees until cooked pumpkin (about 1 hour). Tasty in the form of heat. You can post any sweet sauce of cream.

2. GRAPE worms
Put on a wooden stick for barbecue grapes of the same size – turned out quite disgusting caterpillars in the spirit of Halloween. Eyes – improvised (Drops of chocolate, raisins, peppercorns or cloves buds). You can distort disgust.

Ready-purchased muffins easily turned into cupcakes, decorated with their most simple white cream (cottage cheese, whipped cream and powdered sugar, for example). Chocolate Drops melted chocolate or do the eyes, mouth – scary ghost ready.

4. witch METLA
Salted breadsticks – basis. As the bottom – a slice of cheese, cut from the bottom to about the middle of the fringe, wrapped around a straw. Rope – a sprig of chives or dill. Flew?

5. smiley-SANDWICHES
Scary faces that you can eat? Easily. Take pita bread, cut a bunch of circles, half of them cut through the eye socket and the terrible evil mouths. On the whole circles put slices of cheese, cover the cut parts are hiding for half a minute in the microwave – ready excellent “sandwich” -grenki, which is very pleasant crunch. Terribly nice!

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