Recipe Czech pork knuckle

Recipe Czech pork knuckle.

“Veprevo knee” (pork knuckle) – the pride of Czech cuisine. Mandatory meal every Czech restaurant. As a rule, the “knee” – a whole pig’s leg. Such hard for the body to wash down a meal taken a fair amount of excellent Czech beer.


1 pork knuckle (it’s part of the middle part of the lower leg to the middle of the thigh)
Garlic – 6 cloves -7
For the brine:
Black pepper – 15 peas
Fresh ginger – 2 cm
Ground Nut nutmeg – 1 dessert. l.
Dark beer – about 0.5 liters (beer should cover the shin in a bowl)
Laurel leaves – 5 pcs
Salt – 1.5 dessert. l.

For rubbing:

Vegetable oil – 3 dessert. l.
Garlic – 3 zubochka
Salt, black pepper – to your taste

For the frosting:

Liquid honey – 1 \ 2 cup
Soy sauce – 3 dessert. l.
Cumin beans – pinch


1. Pork leg scrub, rinse thoroughly in several waters, and then dry with a linen towel.

2. Using a long thin knife make “pockets” on the skins (a depth of about 10 mm). Chives finely flatten long strips. Insert the garlic pieces into slits in the meat.

3. Pepper grind, mix with salt, add the remaining ingredients (ginger release from the skin and cut by narrow plates). One part of the mixture of spices to put on the bottom of the vessel, which will be our marinate pork knuckle. Place the pork knuckle, fill the rest of the mixture of spices and pour the beer. Serving Lid removed for 24 hours in the refrigerator.

4. In a mortar crush the chives and salt.

5. pork knuckle shift into a colander to stack brine. Spread the oil and garlic and salt mixture. Then shift the container for baking (dishes must be sufficiently high so as not splashed grease and liquid).

6. Sprinkle with freshly ground black pepper. Baking time depends on the pork shank, but mainly in the leaves and a half to two hours. Then it is necessary to increase the temperature in the oven to 200 degrees and is baked until done.
At the same time pouring heated with fat every 10-15 minutes. Approximately 20 minutes of turning off the oven, you need to coat the pork knuckle frosting. For this honey connect with soy sauce and stir. Top sprinkle with caraway seeds.

7. The finished pork knuckle to pass on to a dish, decorated with greenery (wonderfully suited basil, parsley, celery) and garnish vegetables (preferably fresh or pickled).

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