Recipe quick Christmas cookies Irish

Recipe quick Christmas cookies Irish

This recipe Christmas cookies is very simple. To cook it you need only 4 products: flour, butter, sugar and a bit of chocolate for decoration. Yes, it happens sometimes, but it’s hard to believe!

In Ireland for Christmas preparing thoroughly and spend it – only among the closest people. But not all aspects of the preparation takes time. For example, the preparation of the Christmas cookies.

This cookie – baking is a good option for tea is not only the case when there is no time to cook and want something, but when you want to surprise loved ones. it offers a taste of Christmas cookies, and even cooked on the Irish recipe – it’s fun and enjoyable!

Recipe Christmas cookies


300g flour
200g butter
150g sugar
chocolate for decoration

Recipe Christmas cookies:

First, a little hold the butter at room temperature to become soft.
The oil then rub hands together with the sifted flour into small crumbs, pour sugar into crumbs.
Greased baking sheet. Empty the crumb, smooth, flattening his hands, tamping it.
Bake cookies in a heated 180-degree oven for 40-50min until done – it is important to not dry up the cookies.

Taking the pan from the oven, cut the hot layer on a cookie with a conventional glass or molds.
Such cookies can be of any shape – most importantly, cut it hot. On top of the warm cookies sprinkled with grated chocolate.
Christmas Cookies Irish should turn out crispy, but it will be slightly zhirnovat, tender, melting in the mouth.
Enjoy your tea!


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