Rabbit baked for the holiday table for the New Year

Dish of rabbit meat, there are many. The first thing that always comes to mind is stifado rabbit — Greek roast rabbit, which is prepared with a lot of onions, as a rule — shallots, tomato sauce with lots of spices. Classic Hungarian dishes with communities called pörkölt — very tasty because of rabbit. An amazing dish that can simultaneously serve as the first and main course. The essence of pёrkёlta — thinly sliced ​​pieces of meat that are stewed with onions and paprika. With the addition of sour cream in the dish had already called paprikash. However, these courses differ in the way of cutting meat.

Rabbits, or rather domestic rabbits — they are most often used for making home-cooked meals can be quite large. And do not even 3-4 kg as a comedian telling two, and much more. I had to see the rabbits weighing, probably up to 10 kg, and say that there are also larger.

Rabbit meat is a so-called «healthy foods» due to the taste and nutritional properties. When two comedian talking about the diet and the meat is easy to digest, they were right. More compared with pork and veal, the protein content of rabbit meat, making it very useful. Furthermore, rabbit sufficiently low calorie and contains an extremely low salt and cholesterol.

To prepare a delicious rabbit meat is usually not necessary to choose a complicated recipe. I do not argue, you get very tasty, but it will take a long time. It is best to cook roast rabbit. Extremely well and cook rabbit, baked with fresh herbs.

Most often we are at home preparing rabbit with rosemary. Marvellous meal, we cook it to New Year’s table. Rosemary — an evergreen shrub that grows in the Mediterranean and Europe. In the wild, I saw him only once — in Bulgaria, recognized by smell rather than by sight. Very fragrant plant, literally a sprig of rosemary can change all the dishes.

For baked rabbit, except rosemary, thyme perfect, or as it is called — thyme. Often confused savory and thyme. Despite the fact that these plants belong to the family Lamiaceae, nevertheless, they belong to different genera. Thyme (thyme) belongs to the genus Thymus, and a savory Satureja.

The vast majority of recipes recommend rabbit meat pre-soak in acidulated water. To eliminate the characteristic odor. Frankly, still I do not understand — what is at stake. Meat pet rabbit at all devoid of smell. Perhaps the authors write prescriptions that phrase out of habit. However, wild rabbits and hares have a fairly strong smell, and in this case no soaking is necessary. But in our case, for the preparation of baked rabbit with herbs, we soak the meat, but with quite a different purpose.

Ingredients for 4 servings:

Rabbit — 1 pc
Olive oil — 2 tbsp
Dry white wine -150 ml
Thyme (fresh) 5-6 sprigs
Rosemary (green): 2-3 sprigs
Spices, salt, mustard seeds, bay leaf, dry ‘Olive’ grass

Preparation of 1 hour 15 min cooking 45 minutes, for preparing: 2 hours

Rabbit baked. Recipe:

There were times. When the rabbit in the store to buy it was not easy. Basically rabbits brought from her grandmother if there was a season, or buy at the market. Now buy a rabbit is not a problem. Very handy when selling not whole carcass, and the so-called «cutting»: hip, ham, turkey parts — cut portions. In any case, the carcass should be cut rabbit portions weighing about 100 grams. Green Thyme wash and tear off small pieces of stems from. One or two sprigs of thyme can be left as they are and used to decorate dishes. Rosemary sprigs of use.

2. Pieces of rabbit wash and fold in a deep ceramic or glass dish. Sprinkle with thyme leaves dangling meat.

3. Add one teaspoon of incomplete mustard seeds and mixtures of dry «Provence» herb. Salt is not necessary. Add 3-4 bay leaves. Stir the meat to spices evenly distributed.

4. Pour the meat dry white wine. Place the dish with rabbit in the refrigerator for 1-1.5 hours. If the wine does not fully cover the meat, not scary. In this case, the meat in the marinade is to turn 1-2 times during marinating. The purpose of marinating — make the meat juicy, well, if you think so, you eliminate the most unpleasant smell.

5. After marinating rabbit meat extract from the marinade and dry with a dry cloth. On request, very little salt, but it is worth remembering that rabbit meat contains almost no sodium, and what is one of its values. By this I, for example, not salted dish. Coat the pieces of rabbit a small amount of olive oil. Fold the pieces of rabbit prepared in a ceramic or glass baking dish odds, put the meat 1-2 sprigs of fresh rosemary and remaining marinade thyme and bay leaf.

6. Pour 3-5 tablespoons meat marinade and cover baking dish with foil food. Put the rabbit in a preheated 220 degree oven. Cooking time rabbit, given the high protein content in the meat, not very much. For a time, it is necessary to heat the meat, so the cooking time is counted from the moment of boiling liquid in form. Rabbit meat under the foil from the moment of boiling liquid is preparing 20 minutes. Then remove the foil and continue to bake for another 15 minutes rabbit. You can bake the rabbit and longer to form a brown crust, but it is worth considering that the rabbit can get «dry». Additionally, in the form of small liquid and rabbit can stick to the bottom of the mold.

7. Ready baked rabbit out onto a plate, pour a small amount of liquid remaining after baking, and, if desired, garnish with a sprig of thyme green.

8. As a side dish is exceptionally well suited the mashed potatoes.

Bon Appetit!

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