QUICK thin pita chips

QUICK thin pita chips.


2 thin tortillas, lavash
100-150 ml oil
0.5 tsp. Dried basil
0.5 tsp. Dried oregano
0.5 tsp. Dry ground paprika
0.5 tsp. Dried garlic
0.5 tsp. Salt

Cooking method:     
Pita bread cut into small pieces – squares, triangles – as you like. You can put them on a baking sheet, add all the spices and oil. Now, mix well, so that each piece was well lubricated with oil and spices.
By the way, a dietary option, first lubricate tortillas on both sides with oil Use a pastry shop brush to distribute the oil over the entire surface of lavash, sprinkle with herbs, and only then cut into pieces and spread on a baking sheet.
Bake for 5-7 minutes in a preheated 220C.
It is best if you lay out the chips in a single layer on a baking sheet. But this is not always possible to do it, because a lot of cakes, one oven, and the guests are waiting for treats.
Then I spread all the cakes at once, but in several baking mixes them several times, swapping those that were on the top and have dried up, with those that were under them.
In the end, all the chips evenly baked to an amazing crunch and a pleasant color.

Bon Appetit!

быстрые чипсы из лаваш1

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