Quesadilla with chicken and pineapple

Quesadilla with chicken and pineapple.

кесадилья с ананас и кур

Ingredients 4 servings
Butter 100g
Ground black pepper to taste
Salt to taste
2 cups pineapple
Cilantro (coriander) to taste
Chicken breast 3 pieces
Tortillas 8 pieces
3 cups shredded cheese
Barbecue sauce 3 tablespoons sharp

1. To fry grilled pineapple plants a pineapple on skewers and cook on low heat on the grill or in a pan.
2. sprinkle chicken with salt, pepper and other spices. Chicken fry on the grill or in a pan on both sides. Once the chicken is browned, brush with barbecue sauce. Finely chop.
3. Heat the frying pan at medium heat, gently heat and fry until golden brown in a frying pan tortillas on both sides. 4 Put the cake on a little grated cheese, chicken and pineapple. Here and add cilantro, if desired. Top lubricate even barbecue sauce. Close the second tortilla. Place quesadillas in the pan and heat until cheese melts. Cut the quesadillas ready.

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