Pumpkin PUDDING.

It is time for my favorite pumpkin, so share with you a recipe for pumpkin pudding (if the pumpkin is not very wet – get a cupcake =)

тыквеннй пудинг

Rubbed on a fine grater 400 g pumpkin. Also, on a fine grater remove zest from one lemon and lemon squeezing out of the 50 ml of lemon juice.
Softened to room temperature, 100 grams of butter grind with sugar and vanilla, one add 3 eggs, beating well each time.
Then add 250 grams of flour, 1ch.l. baking powder and pumpkin with zest and lemon juice.
The shape of the baking grease with butter and lightly floured.
Bake 30-40 minutes until golden, check the readiness skewer.

And now the most delicious !!!
The remaining lemon juice from a lemon mixed with 150 grams of powdered sugar and a pinch of vanilla to polugustoy consistency and pour the cooled pudding yet.
Cut and eat better after a complete cooling.

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