Pumpkin pie with cheese

Pumpkin pie with cheese.

Extremely tasty and fragrant !
Preparation of its very simple. This requires about fifty minutes.

тыкв пирог с твор1

-Pumpkin – ½ kilogram,
-cottage cheese – ½ kilogram,
-semolina – 50 grams,
-milk – ½ liter
-Eggs – 4 pcs.
-butter – 100 grams,
-breadcrumbs – 40 grams,
-sugar – 100 grams,
-powdered sugar – 40 grams,
-lemon peel and a pinch of salt.

Take three-liter saucepan, pour the milk into it, bring it to a simmer. Then, in the boiled milk add sugar, salt, semolina. Boil the semolina, stirring it constantly, and bring to full readiness.
Purified squash cut into small cubes of 2 × 2 cm and fry it in butter.
Quark to rub through a sieve, and fried pumpkin potoloch tolkushkoy.
Take a bowl and mix in her cottage cheese, semolina and pumpkin. It should also be here to drive three eggs and add the lemon zest and sugar.
Form for baking as usual oiled and pritrushivayut breadcrumbs. Then it laid out cottage cheese and pumpkin mass leveled and smeared with beaten egg. On the half hour in the oven until golden brown. Serve with sour cream should be.


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