Pumpkin dessert for body and face

Pumpkin dessert for body and face.

Actually, it’s a recipe of vitamins, whitening face mask with a wonderful lifting- effect (the skin just does not know)

Ingredients based on a single mask 250 + c. snacks:
– 1 slice of pumpkin, peeled and diced by 1.5 cm
– 0.5 cups milk
– 3 tablespoons of yogurt, cottage cheese or yogurt (no sugar)
-1 Tablespoon honey

1. Cook the pumpkin in milk until it seethe until a thick slurry.
2. For greater uniformity wipe in a blender.
3. Add honey and yogurt, stir well.

Part of how we put a mask on your face, and while the mask (20 minutes), catch relaxation, eating snacks.

The mask is removed with a cotton swab dipped in milk. Enjoying the beautiful! So the double benefit + time savings!

тыквен дес для тела

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