Pumpkin Cake with chocolate on Halloween

Pumpkin Cake with chocolate on Halloween.

🎃 surprise guests delicious chocolate pumpkin pie for Halloween. You can bake a useful treats to school kids to a party masquerade. Real jam!

-125 g flour
-sugar 125 g
-carrot or pumpkin juice 100ml
-baking powder 1 tsp
-pumpkin puree cream 300g
-White chocolate cream 50 g
-Black chocolate glaze 50g
-butter to glaze 50 g
-white chocolate for decoration 50g
-eggs 2 pcs.

Cooking method:   
Decorate pumpkin cake cobweb of white chocolate
1. small sweet pumpkin should be cut into quarters. Bake in the oven or microwave. It is better to cut a quarter, since then the excess juice flows. Allow to cool. Make pumpkin puree with a blender. Puree should be thick.
2. Bake the cake. To do this, beat two eggs with 125 g sugar fluffy white foam. Add 125 g of sifted flour with baking powder, mix gently, and 100 ml of carrot and pumpkin juice.
3. The finished dough pour into greased and floured form. Bake 30-35 minutes at 200 S. Korzh not rise much, but due to the large amount of liquid is not dry.
4. Make a pumpkin and chocolate cream. To do this, weigh the pumpkin puree and take half the mass of chocolate. Put into a saucepan, put in a water bath and heated with constant stirring until smooth.
5. Korzh and cream to cool to room temperature. Cut the cooled cake in half, fluff cream. Cover with the second half and apply the remaining cream.
6. To prepare the glaze in a saucepan melt the 50 g butter and dark chocolate, pour over the cooled cake with warm glaze. To decorate the white chocolate to melt and cause pattern in the form of webs.
7. Leave the cake in the refrigerator overnight.
👻 Enjoy your treats!

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