Pumpkin-Banana pudding with vanilla and pumpkin sauce.


For the pudding:
Pumpkin crude 350-400 gr
100ml milk
Banana 1 medium piece
Oatmeal 2.5 tbsp
Chicken egg 1 piece
1.5 tsp sugar
Salt to taste
Butter for greasing form

For the vanilla and pumpkin sauce:
Pumpkin puree 2.5-3 Article
100ml milk
Vanilla to taste
Sugar 1 tsp
Starch 1,5ch.l
Egg yolk 1/2

Cooking method:

1. Pumpkin peel and boil until tender in a minimal amount of water.
2. Cooked pumpkin puree to stretch tolkushkoy
3. Of the total amount of mashed postpone 3st.l on the sauce. In the remaining puree add the sugar, salt, milk and oatmeal, stir.
4. Mash the banana puree
5. Egg wash thoroughly and divided into white and zheltok.Zheltok banana puree and add to the pumpkin masse.Razmeshat.
6. Protein whisk with a fork in a light foam.
7. The protein is added to the weight of the pumpkin and stir very carefully.
8. The form of grease with butter and put a lot
9. From the circle of parchment cut and cover form with massoy.Postavit in a steamer for 20 minutes.
10. In the meantime, is preparing to make the pudding sauce: rub through a fine sieve pumpkin puree. And adding it to the milk.
11. Add the sugar, vanilla, starch, egg. All stir and put on medium heat.
12. Cook until thick
13. And here is the pudding is ready!
14. Pudding to sauce and enjoy!

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