Puff with cherry

Puff with cherry.

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foliation without yeast dough — 500 g,
-vishnya — 300 g,
-sahar — 5 tablespoons
starch — 1 tbsp


1. Cherry Wash, drain off the water and remove the bones from the berries.
Absorb cherry sugar and leave for 20 minutes to dissolve the sugar part and separated from the cherry juice. Add starch, stir and put on a slow fire.
Cook cherry with starch, stirring constantly, and without boiling, until the mixture thickens and will resemble a very thick jelly.
Tip: If you are not very juicy cherries, you can add a little water if the liquid is not enough.

2. Remove the cherry pudding from heat and cool.
Puff pastry defrost, closing slightly damp towel or plastic bag to avoid zavetrilos.
Roll dough into a layer thickness of about 5 mm and cut into six squares of equal size.

3. Each square is divided into two halves by a diagonal. One half to make accurate cuts with a knife, before reaching the edge of the center of the square and about 8 mm.

4. Put on the free side of each square about 1 tablespoon of the filling.

5. The edges of the dough to grease with water (to better the dough sticks together), cover with stuffing notched side of the test and a good pinch edges puff.
Share puff drizzled with water on a baking sheet.
Put in a pre-heated to about 210 ° C oven and bake puff about 20 minutes.

Bon Appetit!

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