Puff apple pie.

Puff apple pie

This cake – the embodiment of a very successful cake in my opinion.

You will need:

2 rectangle of puff pastry A4, well chilled

4 sour apple

Cane sugar as needed

15 g of butter

yolk with milk


A handful of raisins

Handful almond petals

Yolk mix with milk.

Well cool two rectangles of puff pastry. One lay out a rectangle on parchment, lightly dampened with water. Leave the cold.

Apples cut into slices, add lemon juice and sugar, if you have brown – wonderful. If not – even better than usual. Add the washed and-dried raisins and cinnamon. Gently stir. Put on the dough. Lightly sprinkle with almond flakes. Optional – apples lay a few pieces of butter. The edges of the rectangle grease yolk. Leave the cold.

The second box, remove from the refrigerator, fold in half lengthwise and make diagonal cuts. If the dough had time to warm up and listens to bad, leave it in the cold for some time. If not, feel free to cover the “blinds” layer of apples. The edges of the pie should stick together without any extra effort, just by their presence in the yolk. “Blinds” grease yolk on top, sprinkle with brown sugar. Place the cake in the refrigerator.

Heat the oven to 190 C. Cool the cake, place on a cold pan. Bake until cooked. Do not rush to remove the cake when it browned. Well propekite it.

Ready cake can be served with vanilla sauce or ice cream.

Puff apple pie

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