Preparations for immunity.

Preparations for immunity.

This recipe is in the winter to help cope with the disease, strengthen the immune system and even to appreciate svom taste. And cooking will take only 10 minutes!

You will need: Honey 150 g, 200-300 g pumpkin, lime 1 piece. 1 lemon (or lemon 2), ginger (root) 1 piece, sugar (preferably brown) 150 g

– Lemon and lime scalded with boiling water to excessive bitterness is gone (for lack of lime, lemon, you can use only).
– Pumpkin and ginger peel and cut into pieces for further grinding blender. If you do not like the tangy taste of ginger, then on a number of ingredients need only 1/2 of ginger root, or even less, but be sure to add it, a little.
– Lemon and lime rind cut, getting rid of the bones.
– The shift in capacity to grind, add honey and sugar.
– Grind until uniform. Of course, we have to make some effort to crust grind, but it’s worth it.

Done! Well kept in a cool place (refrigerator) for a long time. Very tasty tea or even just for dessert with cookies, pancakes, muffins and. t. e. We hope you’ll love this “medicine” for immunity from colds.


заготовка для иммунитета

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