Prague Culinary side

Prague Culinary side

In Prague, all special: and architecture, and local resources, and restaurants. Czech menu in almost all towns have respected profile in Russian. Or it has a restaurant waiter, speaking in Russian. But not even that impressed me so. Meeting with Czech cuisine I have left in my heart one of the most exciting experiences in my life: it is diverse, aesthetically beautiful, and its unique flavor combined with an absolute advantage for health. Unbelievable? But the fact!

Six-day trip I barely was enough to taste all the “little masterpieces”. I must say that it is impossible to choose the best restaurant, the best – all! Therefore I arrange delights of the Czech cuisine, in chronological order:

The first day. Dumplings

Prague Culinary side Dumplings

On the first day, I specifically went in the easiest restaurant. From a simple menu for easier selection. At first I asked for a traditional pureed soup, and hot – goulash with dumplings (which slices of potato or flour loaf with various fillings). Both dishes were tender, fragrant, moderately spicy and beautifully combined with each other.

Second day. Fritters

On the second day I took advantage of the service “business menu” of one of the cafes in the center of Prague. At a fixed price I was offered a choice of two salads, two soups and take a hot or cold dish or pancakes. And I chose the second option for comparison with Russian cuisine. What happened to me, when they offered pancakes! They served under cooked cream sauce, lush and charming rosy. A taste I just pulled out of reality and back into the distant Russian childhood … But our grandmothers may still be so oven pancakes and fritters. And the Czech chefs!

Day Three. Knee

Prague Culinary side Knee

In search of gourmet delicacies, I went to one of the most famous restaurants in Prague – “New Town Brewery”. It served the famous “pork knuckle”. Dish noteworthy that before roasting the meat on the grill directly on the knee bones are soaked for three days in special marinades. The finished dish is almost no fat, and the meat juicy and tender. Served on the dish stretched oval dish, because one “tribe” – a portion for two. Decorated with grilled vegetables and herbs because rich garnish this dish only hurt.

Day four. “Smiling Gingerbread Man”

Prague Culinary side "Smiling Gingerbread Man"

Another masterpiece in every sense of – potato soup in bread. A skilled chef bakes bread at first, which has its own “face”: the nose, eyes, ears, mouth. Then cuts the top “cover”, takes the flesh, rub it with prepared broth and spices, and puts back into the bread, adding white mushrooms and whole potatoes. I barely forced myself to start trying this aesthetically beautiful and comfortable dish – cover the bread, you can also eat on purpose, but the soup is excellent retains all the flavor (in a pot).

Day Five. Dessert
Fifth day inspired me colorful showcases all kinds of cakes and pastries. Sitting in a peaceful, quiet cafe “Underground City”, which is on the lower level of the modern city, I ordered an ice cream (and also prepare!). I brought in a large kremanke “water lily”: a large three-layer ice cream ball, cut into “petals”. Inside the ball was creamy chocolate layer, and its core – a chocolate mousse. “Lily” floating in berry syrup with whole berries. A true delight, and even in the cool light.

Prague Culinary side

The same evening, tempted by the dessert part of the menu, I ordered traditional Czech strudel. As a rule, it is an apple, but a few Czech restaurants offer strudels with other fruit or berry filling. The “New Town Brewery”, where I again looked out to dinner, I served this dessert with vanilla sauce and cinnamon. I would call it “the melting pleasure,” not cloying, and the ductile-sweet.

The sixth day. Brewery

Prague Culinary side

As for the sixth day, I dedicated it to the legendary Czech beer. Every self-respecting restaurant in Prague has its own brewery. About 214 towns and restaurants cook live beer on their own secret recipes. What I did not expect a softer beer for the ladies – it is darker and more saturated LIGHT vice versa – for men. And the best (according to rumors, and what I eventually convinced myself), dark beer served in the oldest institution of Prague – “U Fleku”. Here it is very special, foam, easy to smear, with a rich, like caramel flavor hops. Like most delicious drink kvass, which is prepared once our grandparents.

Prague Culinary side Brewery

Traditionally Your attention is dumplings recipes:

Cottage cheese dumplings


Flour – 1 cup
Eggs – 2 pcs.
Salt – to taste

Cottage cheese – 250 g
Sugar – 60 g
Eggs – 2 pcs.
Raisins – 40 g
Zest of one lemon
Crushed nuts for strewing

Combine flour, salt and eggs Knead a soft dough, as the noodles, and roll it into a thin layer. For the stuffing cottage cheese, sugar, eggs, raisins and peel carefully rub together. Lubricate the formation of the finished dough stuffed, folded and cut into quadrangles. On the ground, the edge sections of the test and connect zaschipnut. Lower the dumplings in boiling water and cook on low heat for 25-30 minutes. Ready-made dumplings sprinkled with oil and sprinkle with nuts.

Dumplings with the liver


White bread – 400 g
Liver – 300 g
Fat – 50 g
Onions – 1 pc.
Milk – 250 ml
Flour – 60 g
Eggs – 1-2 pieces.
Greens – to taste
Salt – to taste

Diced bread and mix it with minced liver, bacon, onions and herbs, all carefully mixed. Milk mixed with flour, eggs and salt. Pour the mixture obtained grain mass, and leave to soak with the lid on for 20 minutes. After this time the mass formed from dumplings slightly roll in flour, and dipped in boiling salted water. Cook over low heat for 10-15 minutes.

Based on the foregoing, it can be said conclusively: Healthy eating is not just maybe – it must be delicious!

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